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I have racked my brains and my photoshop trying to figure out a particular effect I've been seeing round and about banners and icons lately. I LOVE the effect and I've been able to manage something close to it but not exact so I'm wondering if I'm missing a certain filter or effect or brush or SOMETHING.
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[57] Icons total. (or somewhere there abouts)
[04]French Kiss
[06]Liam Neeson
[10]Ralph Fiennes
[12]Star Trek TNG
[17]Icontest & Misc Icons
- Star Wars [4]
- Serenity/Firefly [5]


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/Credit plz :)
/Comment cause it makes me happy :)
/And enjoy most of all!
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I recently had a PSP loss issue, anyway, there are some brushes I had but now can't find I've looked through all my resources, they looked a tad like

The coloured background brushes in these icons by spiffy_themes I've also asked her, but I'm throwing it out to you guys too. Anyone know where I can find these brushes I don't mind having to convert an image pack.

Also little pimping, I hope this is allowed?

jensenstillness for Jensen Ackles non-animated challenges.
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Concrit is awesome; I think these turned out pretty well, but I always have room for improvement. You might be able to tell that they're a set. :D

01. 02.

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Standard stuff: comments great; credit if you'd like to use, no hotlinking, etc etc.

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Hello everyone! I wanted to inform you all about a new group that's just trying to get started. I've been made a co-mod and I'm helping to spread the word about it.
It's an icontest group focusing on the actor Ralph Fiennes. (or...better known to some as Lord Voldemort ;) He's a fabulous and BEAUTIFUL actor and this group is going to be a lot of fun but we need participants! So come on over, take a look, and join!

Come Join fiennes_itest an icontest for the talented Ralph Fiennes.
Still a fairly new community, in need of members!

(I should add in the rules that you're welcome to post about your own icon communities. I know several icon groups won't let you do that but you're totally allowed to do so here!)
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If you have no idea what this is supposed to be, be sure and check out the rules in the user info page :D

[Napoleon Dynamite]Yessssssss![/Napoleon Dynamite]

Squee for icontest placing!
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Hi all! This is your friendly neighborhood Mod. Okay, enough cheese I think.
I wanted to inform you all of a few ideas that came into my brains as I was browsing the group.

First off, when you want to post your icons please put them in a direct post to the group instead of linking to them elsewhere. This is mostly a personal preference because I find it's easier to keep the critiques inside the group rather than in your regular journal/icon journal. What I usually do is open up the icon post in my normal journal hit "edit" and copy all the info and paste it into a post in this group. (For information about critiquing, click here)

Another tidbit that was brought to my attention by one of our intelligent members is the section in the rules I have about taking icons and using them for your own. I forgot to add that it would be greatly appreciated if you asked the artist first before nabbing any of their icons. There hasn't been any problems with this issue thus far in our group but I wanted to make it clear in case there was any confusion. (Thanks hbpen :)

(If you have any other suggestions or questions for the group click here)

I'm glad people enjoy the group and are posting! 41 members and we haven't even been up for a month yet :D
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Some more icons for fun. Please leave comments and suggestions!


follow the link to my journal

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Cute icons!

Comments, Credit and Critique are always welcomed (woo, alliteration!).

[ All are here ]

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Some icons from the 2005 movie. Comments and criticism are very welcome!

[2x]Mr. Collins

12 icons total at my journal


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