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Welcome to bettericons a group that, instead of judging your work, offers assistance and suggestions when asked for it. This group is for showcasing/critiquing/awards posting and basically anything else that has to do with icons.
We accept any and all icons you're prepared to make. The only catch is that we offer help and advice as well.
In this community we absolutely LIVE for comments! Post your critiques, your likes/dislikes and your advice! That's what we're here for :)
Do You Like?
*If you'd like a general critique on your icons please place in your subject line "Critique Please" or something to that effect and members will respond with things they like about your work and maybe things that need a little more work et cetera.
Can You Make?
*If you'd like to request an icon of any sort please type in the subject line of your post "Icon Reqeust". If you have the image you'd like made into an icon already please post that with your request as well.
Can You Help?
*If you feel you need help with an effect, a graphic, or aren't sure where to go for certain images, downloads, brushes et cetera please type in the subject line of your post "Help Please" and you will be assisted by our kind, kind members :D
How'd They Do That?
*You find a beautiful icon that tickles every bit of your fancy but you cannot for the life of you figure out how they managed to get it to look the way they did. Post it and ask us!
Lookit What I Did!
*You're also welcome to post any awards you're icons have won in any icontests around LJ. You're excited, so be excited and be proud of your work here!

This group is for anyone who would like to be part of a happy commiunity consisting of people who simply love to make and look at all kinds of icons! I am open to any suggestions you may have to the group. If you have any ideas please comment to this post.


*If you'd like to affiliate please comment to this post.

No community is complete without a little set of rules for it.
-Please post your icons under a Live Journal cut if you have more than 3 or 4 to post.
-Also post any additional images under a cut no matter what the size (raw images, wallpapers, friends only banners et cetera)
-If you do critique people's work please do it constructively and try and point out things you like as well. It's only fair :) (Please see this post if you have any questions about critiquing)
-You're welcome to post a couple teasers in your post meaning you leave a couple choice icons from your group outside of the cut.
-Please list what genre your icons are from whether it be a T.V. show, movies, photoshoots whatever. We'd like to know!
-When you post, please post your icons to the group instead of linking to another journal where they're posted. If you'd like critiques it makes it easier to have the icons posted in the community posts instead of having critiques in your usual journal/icon journal. If you have no problem with this then you're welcome to link to your icons of course :)
-If and when you decide to take and use someone's icon the usual rules apply. Be sure to ask permission first, credit the artist in your blog or wherever you happen to use the icon, and leave a nice comment in their post, because it'll make them happy :D